Welcome to our Metal Forming CAE Research Laboratory (MFCAE Lab).

Thanks for your visit to MFCAE Lab.

Our MFCAE Lab has been interested in CAE(computer aided engineering) of manufacturing engineering and its applications. We already commercialized a two-dimensional forging simulator, AFDEX 2D, which is being used in more than 30 Korean companies. We are now very happy to be capable of helping you more than expected with AFDEX 3D, recently developed. We are sure that AFDEX 3D is the most promising three-dimensional metal forming simulator. We also contributed to developing the commercialized softwares of PIMsolver and PM solver developing their pre- and post-processors. PIMsolver is a specialized software for powder injection molding and PMsolver for powder compaction and sintering.

We have accumulated much experience on the related theories and industry applications through developing the softwares for the sake of application. You are always welcome to contact us for both academical and industrial interests and mutual benefits. We know how to make one and one to more than three. We also know that only integrity, faithfulness, confidence and credit can change the world and that slow but steady leads to a big success. There are many empty spaces in our MFCAE Lab which is eager for being with you.

We promise that we will study more and more and go steadily our way for bringing up good engineers and producing mutual benefits.

Thanks again for your visit to our MFCAE Lab.


                                                                                       2005. 1.    ManSoo Joun, Professor